Frequently Asked Questoins

Free Trial Questions...

How does the 'free trial' work and whats involved?

If you would like your dog to join one of our packs, then you will need to contact us and book them in for a free trial. The free trial will need to take place on the day of care that is available for your dog. We offer big dog days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and small dog days (defined as knee height and under, Wednesdays and Fridays). We do not necessarily have a space available on your chosen day of care. Your dogs trial will need to occur on the day of care that they will be joining. For instance, if there is only space on Thursdays and you have a large dog then your trial will need to occur on a Thursday. Trials usually begin between 11.30am - 1pm (to allow our dogs to fully settle before introducing a new dog to the pack). If we have space available, you will be invited to bring your dog to daycare for a trial at an agreed time between 11.30am - 1pm. This can often be done during a lunch break. You will need to bring your dog along wearing a snug fitting collar and on a lead with their little vaccination booklet for us to copy. You will also need to fill out a New Client Form before leaving your dog with us. We ask that you are on time to the trial please, out of consideration to our dogs. Once on site, you will have an additional opportunity to ask us questions and we will show you the premises. We will then invite your dog to come with us to meet the rest of the pack. This will take between 5 - 10 minutes. You will be able to see your dog meeting our pack from inside. If the initial 'meet and greet' goes well, (a total of approximately 10-15 minutes) you will then be free to leave your dog with us for the remainder of the trial period. The free trial period is a total of between 2-3hrs. During this time, we will play with your dog and monitor how they interact with our dogs. At the conclusion of the trial, when you come to pick up your dog (usually between 2 - 3pm) we will let you know if we are able to offer your dog a position on the pack.

I really want my dog to join one of your packs, what should i do?

Contact us with some details about your dog like their age, sex, whether they’ve been neutered or spayed, their breed and what they like doing and we will let you know if we have a space in a suitable pack for a trial for your dog! If we do, then we will let you know and we can go ahead and book your dog in for a trial. Please note that your trial will be for the same day that their future care would be offered on. For example, if your trial is on a Tuesday, then that would be your dogs day of care if their trial is successful. We do this because we have different dogs each day, so a trial is only useful if your dog is meeting the dogs that it is going to be coming to daycare regularly with every week. There’s no point having a trial with dogs your dog wont be spending time with!

My dog gets along with everyone - why do they need to come for a trial?

Your dog may get along with everyone and so perhaps you wonder why a trial is even necessary. Remember that although your dog might love everyone, our dogs also need to like your dog! We also monitor so much more than just how your dog interacts with our dogs during the trial – we also like to find out what they do and don’t like doing, what makes them tick, do they share toys, do they play nicely – all those sorts of things will help us to determine if your dog is going to fit in to the day-care environment. Having your dog for a trial also helps us determine which pack they would fit into best, if there is more than one day that is an option for them.

What do I need to bring to my dogs trial?

Please bring your dog along to their trial wearing a snug fitting collar and on a lead with their vaccination booklet for us to sight and copy. Please also bring your completed New Client Form if possible and of course your dog, ready for a great time! It can really help the trial process if you take your dog for a run or walk beforehand so they’re not too over-excited when they arrive.

I have a puppy and I would like them to join Puppy Daycare, will they need a trial?

No. We do not trial puppies, only adult dogs require a trial before they can attend daycare.

How and when will I know if my dog has been offered a position at Fur Kids?

If your dogs trial went well and we have no behavioral concerns, then your dog will be offered a position at the conclusion of his/her trial. If we have any concerns, we will discuss these with you at the end of the trial.

Daycare Questions

What do you do with the dogs at Fur Kids?

Our dogs absolutely LOVE daycare because we don't kennel them or keep them tied up half the day - we actually play with them! Imagine that!? Our dogs enjoy a myriad of enrichment activities that have been carefully and painstakingly researched and are used internationally. We are constantly researching and coming up with new ideas and games for our dogs so this list is by no means a comprehensive one - it is regularly added to! We also occasionally go on 'field trips' with our dogs!

Some things we get up to at daycare-




Suspended Tug

Scavenger Hunts

Boomer Balls (of different sizes)

Water Play (hose, sprinkler and pool)

Flirt Pole

Brain Games including food

Tunnels (solid and fabric)


Enrichment herb garden


Play Gym equipment

Sawdust pit for digging

Brushing/cuddling/pats and cuddles

Balloon Play

Cardboard tearing

Scent Log

Movie Time

Music Time



Do you accept casual bookings or 'walk in's'?

Fur Kids is a permanent day-care service. This means that we cater for the same dogs every week and do not take casual booking requests. Because we have the same dogs each week, we get to know our dogs exceptionally well, which means our packs are a safer environment than casual service day-cares. When a new dog joins one of our packs, our pack adjusts accordingly and settles quickly into their new structure. In a pack where new dogs come and go daily, that pack can remain in a constant state of unrest and instability which can lead to an unbalanced pack of dogs – leading to an increased risk of altercations and disagreements within the ranks!

What if I only want my dog to attend daycare occasionally?

Fur Kids is a permanent daycare service only. This means that we care for the same dogs each week. When you bring your dog to our daycare, we are making a commitment to you that we will reserve your dogs place on one of our packs on an ongoing, permanent basis. This means that we also ask for a commitment from you, the dog owner, in return. Fur Kids is a highly sought-after, high caliber daycare with a growing waiting list of clients seeking permanent daycare on a weekly basis. We do not accept casual bookings as our pack sizes are carefully managed to ensure the highest quality of care at all times. Permanent daycare also means we get to know our dogs very well, resulting in more balanced, stable packs.

Do you offer boarding or grooming?

We specialise in providing a superior, high quality enrichment based day-care service only at this time.

What if my dog doesn't enjoy day-care or isn't suited to daycare?

Not everyone likes going to a nightclub and spending the night dancing! So why should we pressure our dogs into being social butterflies when they really don’t enjoy it? Let me assure you that it is OK if your dog doesn’t like day-care when other dogs seem to. Humans sometimes tend to project their own societal pressures onto their dogs, thinking that surely they would love to have lots of friends and play all day with other dogs. But not all dogs do - and that’s completely natural! We will tell you if we think your dog isn’t going to enjoy day-care, or if your dog stops enjoying day-care which can also happen as dogs grow older. Perhaps a dog walker would be better suited to your dog - we can refer you to a dog walker that some of our customers use if this is the case. Please don't be disappointed in your dog if they don't enjoy the daycare environment.

I might need my dog picked up or dropped off. What is the fee, what areas do you service and what does my dog need to travel in your “Waggin’ Wagon”?

Our pick up / drop off service is available only within the Alexandra / Clyde township areas or strictly on route between the two towns (ie: along the main Alexandra-Clyde highway or via Dunstan Road to Clyde). We can also pick up/drop off to your workplace within Alexandra/Clyde town boundary. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to pick up from outer areas such as Galloway or Earnscleugh. We apologise for any inconvenience. The fee for a pick-up is $7.50 and the fee for drop-off is $7.50. Your dog will need a lead and a vehicle harness to travel with us in the “Waggin' Wagon” – preferably one with a ring on his/her back for us to clip to. Harnesses with the ring on the chest are not suitable for our vehicle restraint system. All dogs must also wear a collar to day-care at all times. We usually pick up between 8am - 8.40am in the mornings and drop off's occur between 3.15pm - 3.45pm in the afternoons. If you cannot pick up your dog by 3.00pm, we highly recommend utilizing our drop off service to avoid a late collection fee. 

What are your payment terms and how can I pay?

We are a ‘pay on the day’ service – just like buying your groceries. We very much appreciate payment on your dog’s chosen day of care via direct credit, Eftpos or cash. Please understand that we cannot offer your dog care the following week if you have failed to pay for care the week before. We are a small local business and rely on our clients every week to pay our own ongoing bills! Thank you for your understanding. You can also buy daycare in concessions of 6 or 10 visits if you wish. Some clients find setting up an automatic payment easier but this is down to personal preference.

Payment for daycare can be made into the following account:

C Currie (via Hnry)


please use your dog's name and their pack day as a reference to help us identify your payment

ie: "Rover" and "Thursday"

Do you offer any discounts for seniors?

Yes! We offer a $5 discount for Super Gold Card holders! Simply present your Super Gold Card at your first appointment to claim your ongoing discount.

I really want my dogs first day to be a success. Is there anything I can do for my dog, to help them transition smoothly?

Yes! We know you will probably want to give your dog a big hug, kiss and tell them its going to be ok on their first day but this process actually creates and worsens separation anxiety and it teaches your dog that leaving them here is a big deal! The best thing you can do, to ensure a smooth and worry-free transition for your dog, is to hand us the lead, walk out the door and then drive away promptly without fuss. Trust us that we will take the very best care of them in your absence. Seeing a stressed dog fret for its owner is heartbreaking - especially knowing it can be avoided. Stressed dogs who pine for their owners do not have any fun at daycare and don't enjoy the fun games we play because they are too busy sitting at the fence crying for their owners. Making a fuss about leaving your dog only damages your dog, it doesn't make them feel better about you leaving.


My dog doesn't like to share toys or food, are they still suitable for daycare?

If your dog doesn’t like to share toys or food, then they may not fit into our daycare environment. We have a lot of toys out available for play and our dogs frequently enjoy a game of tug and fetch with shared toys and equipment. We also have scavenger hunts where our dogs hunt for their treats throughout their compounds and in amongst shrubs, trees and play equipment. Please contact us if you are still unsure if your dog would be unsuitable for daycare.

My dog isn't neutered or spayed, can they still come to daycare?

This will depend on how old your dog is. If you have a puppy under 6 months and you would like them to join our puppy daycare, they do not need to be neutered or spayed. If you have an adult dog over 12 months, they will need to be neutered or spayed to join one of our adult packs. If you have a puppy between 6 months and 12 months old, we will require a veterinary certification stating you should wait until 12 months to neuter/spay. The maximum allowable age of any entire canine on site at Fur Kids is 12 months.

My dog has some behavioral or temperament issues that need managing, can they still come to daycare?

This is a tricky question as it will depend on the specific behavioral issue your dog has. Some minor issues we can work through at daycare. For instance, we have had great success with some dogs who have had no or minimal socialisation as puppies. These dogs have started daycare hiding in the corner, but by week 3 or 4, they are exploring the grounds and even starting to play with the other dogs. Weeks later, you would not know they were scared at all as they are playing with even the most confident dogs in the pack! However, for very fearful dogs, daycare can be the worst place you could send them as the group play environment can be overwhelming and worsen symptoms dramatically. If your dog has separation anxiety, daycare is not going to help as the training to resolve separation anxiety first begins at home. If your dog barks a lot, daycare is not going to be suitable for them. If your dog does not like some other dogs, then daycare is most likely not going to suit them. Please remember that in the daycare environment, we might be looking after 10-12 dogs at a time so we are unable to train specific dogs AND maintain a safe environment for our remaining dogs. If your dog requires some training, we can help you with that outside of daycare. But we cannot provide your dog training services whilst they are at daycare. Please contact us if you have any further or more specific questions regarding your dog and their particular needs. 

If your dog is neutered or spayed, aged over 12 months, and you are looking for permanent daycare on a weekly basis - apply now! You can send us all your information (and your dog's) by simply clicking on the "New Client Registration" button at the very bottom of this page. We will then reply with a date and time for your free trial if one is available.

Dog Suitability Questions