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About Us

Fur Kids offers an intimate, insured and inviting place for dogs to socialise.

We provide weekday care on over two acres of land on the outskirts of Alexandra, Central Otago.

We pride ourselves on our small, intimate size and being able to form a relationship and bond with you, the dog's owner. When you join one of our packs, both you and your dog join our extended family.

Our generous play park is securely rabbit & deer fenced, with double airlocks and boasts plenty of trees for shade from the hot Central Otago sun. We also have a large outdoor shelter, sprinklers and a new, large swimming dam for dogs to swim in over the warmer months.

Our indoor facility is fully climate controlled with crates for our dogs to lie in on the hot or cold days.

Our dog treats are a complimentary extra.

At Fur Kids, we have chosen to focus on being better at what we do – rather than being bigger, which is why our pack numbers are limited. This is not only safer, but allows us to bring you more value, improving our service at every level. We are a subscription based daycare -  this means we care for the same dogs, on the same days, every week and do not offer casual care or boarding at this time.

Fur Kids Dog Trainer, Canine Behaviourist
Fur Kids Owner Crystal with her
Rough Collies, Vè (left) and Odin (right)
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