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We did some soul searching and thought long and hard about our core values, why we're here and what we hope to achieve through providing high quality, sustainable daycare for your four legged family member. We believe in what we do - and so do our clients. So here's what really drives us:

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality, innovative care in a stimulating, homely environment that will make your dog want to come back again…and again.


Provide a quality range of home-based care, products and services to positively impact the life of each dog we serve.


Enrich and complement a dog’s home life

Provide a safe and loving environment

Operate with integrity and honesty

Safety, sanitation and fun are key

Care for dogs as if they were our own

Continually learn, adapt and evolve

Encourage creativity and innovation

The well-being of our dogs is always first and foremost.

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