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Mellow Monday's

Launching 2024...

Introducing our new pack! (Website).png

Why Mellow Mondays?

At Fur Kids, we've identified a need to support those dog's in our community who may not feel comfortable in the usual busy daycare environment. We feel that these dogs still deserve a lovely, enjoyable day out with their friends, so we developed this new pack, especially with those dogs in mind!

Who is this new pack For?

If your dog is intimidated by larger groups of playful, boisterous dogs, or perhaps they're elderly and suffer from a little arthritis. Maybe they're starting to slow down in life and you don't want to risk causing injury as they enter their golden years?  Or maybe your dog is quiet, shy or timid and a little scared of other dogs? Perhaps your dog is none of these things, but they just prefer quieter, low key socialising rather than loud, energetic play with others zooming around them!

If your dog fits into any of these categories, then this pack is designed specifically for them. Not sure if your dog would suit Mellow Mondays? Get in touch and have a chat with Pack Leader Crystal.

Tell me more about this New Pack

There are a few significant differences between our usual pack days (Tuesday-Friday) and our new Mellow Monday Pack.  The typical daycare day runs from 9am - 3pm. Mellow Monday's will operate shorter hours, better suited to it's pack members, from 10.30am - 2.30pm.

The focus of Mellow Monday's will be on enrichment activities and socialising, rather than boisterous play and "rough-housing". Our thoughtfully created Mellow Monday pack will enjoy specialised enrichment activities such as licky mats, food puzzles and deer antlers to chew on - treats our usual packs don't enjoy the privilege of - and better yet, all included in the price!

Another difference is that our Monday pack will savour a rest over lunch and enjoy exclusive daytime access to our indoor, climate controlled facility and "home yard", in addition to our large grassy, custom built dog compounds!

In short, your dog will have the run of our acreage - with our internal gates left open, to laze in the sun, take a stroll in the freshly cut grass, or simply just relax inside for some peace and quiet away from it all. This pack will have a higher level of individualisation so we are able to feed, or administer medication to your dog, should they require it.

We will continue to offer our taxi service for those who require it. Dogs travelling in the "Waggin' Wagon" simply need their own harness.

Keen To Join?

Pack numbers are strictly limited - in order to maintain our individualised approach. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to apply for a trial in 2024, please get in touch today via the contact form below.

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