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Hot cars KILL dogs

With such warm weather lately, it seems a timely reminder that dogs should never be left in hot cars, not even for “just a minute,” or “with the windows cracked.”


Dogs are especially vulnerable to heatstroke because they are only able to cool off through the pads in their feet and panting. This inherent susceptibility means that a dog can die of heatstroke in just 15 minutes. High temperatures are even more dangerous for brachycephalic breeds, or short-faced dogs, like pugs and bulldogs, who are particularly susceptible to heatstroke because they can’t pant effectively.


If you can't leave your dog at home, consider some of these alternatives:

  1. Shop at an animal-friendly store. You might be surprised to find out that your favourite stores are dog friendly... call and ask them!

Mitre 10, Nichols & Jamie's Jewellers are all businesses in Alexandra that allow dogs inside (add the ones you know about below! !

  1. Bring friends and family with you. Having other people with you can be a great alternative to leaving your dog in the car. They can go for a walk, hang out outside, or sit in the car with the AC on while you run your errand.

  2. Instead of eating indoors, try an outdoor cafe. Many allow dogs to sit underneath the table and will even offer your dog a bowl of water!

Add any other dog friendly shops you know about below!

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