Little Green Dog Poop Bags (60's)

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  • Fur Kids and Little Green Dog believe in showing our Earth the same love and care we show our fur kids. Long story short: most of those biodegradable bags you see on shelves aren’t environmentally friendly at all. Instead, they’re made of plastic — with additives that break down the big chunks of packaging but leave behind microplastics that ruin our planet. Little Green Dog provides New Zealand dog owners with a truly green alternative: fully biodegradable, 100%-compostable, plant-based poop bags so you can clean up after your pup without sh*tting on the environment.

    5-pack - Designed for the once-a-day pooper. This pack contains 60 plant-based, compostable poop bags that’ll provide you with two months of environmentally friendly peace of mind.

    Features & Benefits

    • Extra strong & extra thick
    • Leakproof & large (32cm x 22cm)
    • Made from 40% plant material and will not degrade into microplastics
    • 100% Kiwi owned business