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MicroMed - Oral Probiotic 250ml

MicroMed - Oral Probiotic 250ml


Oral Probiotic

To enhance Digestive, Immune and Skin Health providing Beneficial Live Intestinal Flora.

Available in 250ml and 500ml.

100% Natural

Made in New Zealand

Everyday Care spray is applied to your dog’s food and is designed for the ongoing care of your pet to help with:

✔ Skin Health
✔ Digestive and gut health
✔ Immunity
✔ Overall Wellbeing

This powerful blend of organically-based, non-toxic, all natural probiotic re-establishes healthy microbes in your pet’s body which help prevent recurring minor fungal and bacterial issues.

How to use Everyday Care probiotic for Dogs?

Apply the daily dosage, as per the label, onto your pet's food, using the trigger/pump spray (1 spray = 1 ml) or decant the dosage into a measuring cup and mix into the food.

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