Terms and Conditions


The below guidelines should help you determine if daycare is suitable for your dog. If you have any queries about your dog or making a booking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations and non-aggressive towards people and other dogs. The Canine Cough vaccine is mandatory at Fur Kids.

  • If your dog is not friendly towards our daycare dogs, people or staff, they will not be suitable for day-care. If your dog is unable to settle in, you may be contacted to come and collect them. After all, everyone should enjoy daycare!

  • Incessant barking will not be tolerated. Fur Kids will redirect, distract and use positive reinforcement. If barking or other unwanted behaviour continues, we will work with you at length to remedy this. If incessant barking still persists after all methods have been exhausted, you will be contacted to come and collect your dog. Please understand that we have neighbours, too!

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Dog Walker at the Park

  • We are a 'Pay on the Day' service - just like buying your groceries. Payment is accepted on the day by cash, direct credit or Eftpos.  Daycare can also be bought in 'blocks' for your convenience.​

  • We require clients to spay or neuter their dogs by 8 months of age for him/her to continue day-care, unless a written recommendation from their veterinary surgeon has been presented to our pack leader. 

  • Just like children, our dogs can get sandy, wet, and/or dirty at day-care depending on the weather/climate and what toys we have brought out to play with throughout the day (i.e. the swimming pool).

  • Fur Kids Daycare is a responsible dog daycare with a current Liability Insurance policy in place at all times.

Thank you for your understanding. 
We all want a safe, friendly environment where our dogs
can go home happy, tired and uninjured to their families.